Friday, November 25, 2011

A sample day

My sweet ride, a gift from a friend - Koren, and the back pack that I pack the groceries into

This is just to give you an idea of what a typical personal chef visit looks like.  I attempt to prepare three days worth of food in approximately four hours using one soup pot, one sauce pot, and one skillet, arriving on my bike, groceries in my backpack.

Today's menu (groceries not pictured):
Breakfast Quinoa / berries
Red lentil soup / garnishes
Soba noodle salad with spinach, sugar peas, blanched broccoli and tempeh
Portabello mushroom polenta bake with tomato sauce
Shredded vegetable salad with barley
White bean salad

8:30 - Out the door to get groceries

9:30 arrive
Before I get my coat off and bag unpacked:
Soak quinoa, put soaked beans (soaked at home over night) on stove to boil, pre heat oven, pull tempeh and barley (left over from last week) from freezer, soak green lentils
Unpack groceries
Wash berries
Start chopping onions for lentil soup, mince a head of garlic
Turn down the beans that are boiling over on the stove
Start sweating onions in stock pot for lentil soup
Scoop ribs from mushroom caps, brush with olive oil and lemon, roast at 350 for 15 minutes
Rinse lentils and rice for soup
Add lentils and rice to pot, cover with stock
Prepare garnishes for soup:  Toast seeds / chop olives / crumble and package feta
Pull out bowls and start assembling granola
Pull mushrooms from oven - 5 more minutes
Stir the soup
Chop the tempeh, mix up a marinade, set tempeh aside to marinate
Pull the mushrooms


Soup is finished, package for storage - wash the pot, fill with water and put back on stove to boil
Granola's in the oven
Pull the cooked white beans from the stove and drain
Wash pan, fill it with the quinoa, start quinoa
Cook tempeh
Soba noodles into the boiling water
Package the washed berries, start washing other fruit
Make some damn coffee
Turn down the quinoa that's boiling over on the stove
Check the granola, 5 more minutes
Add broccoli to the soba noodles - drain and rinse
Start boiling some more water - you forgot to blanch the sugar peas!


More water on to boil - granola's cooling
Chop herbs for polenta and tomato sauce
Stir polenta into boiling water - assemble mushroom/polenta bake
Sauté garlic and prepare a simple tomato sauce
Start shredding and chopping vegetables for the salad
Wait a minute...what about the white beans?  Make a small afterthought salad with them....(What's this pita doing here?  Didn't make a dip....maybe they'll use it to make wraps with the salads...maybe they won't notice it and won't look for the dip that's not there, maybe it will inspire them to make a dip, maybe I'll just leave it and use it next time...)
Prepare a dressing for the soba noodle salad

Package and label everything
Write a note with summary and special instructions.  Finish dishes, sweep, lay on the couch

Thoughts for next time - more fresh veg, and don't forget the dip!  Was that too much soup?  I should have chopped some parsley for it, hope that bean salad's okay....


  1. So, the Tempeh is cubed, sauteed and served on the Sugar Peas?

  2. That's right. I put fresh spinach at the bottom of the bowl, then soba noodles (with a bit of sesame oil on them so that they don't stick), then blanched broccoli and sugar peas, then the tempeh, and there's a ginger dressing that goes over the whole thing.

  3. What is in the white bean salad?

  4. oh and also the breakfast quinoa. I am a new convert to quinoa. I have a salad that I make a lot that I just love. It has raisins, almonds, onions, avocado and a wonderful dressing with olive oil, paprika, and cumin among other things. Now I need to find some other interesting quinoa recipes

  5. There are so many great things to do with quinoa, I hardly know where to start. I will take this as a cue to put some quinoa dishes up, stay tuned!

    The white bean salad just had shaved fennel, parsley, celery, and a vinaigrette. Nothing fancy.