Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fatty Pants Says Hello

Hello people. I miss you. What’s going on in your worlds out there? Are you getting into the kitchen and trying new things? Are you filling your plates and bellies with wide arrays of beautiful colors and textures, vegetables and grains? Are you making whole, natural food dishes brimming over with vitamins and nutrients, fiber and living enzymes? Are you becoming ever more inspired to eat a diet that’s kind to yourself, the environment, and our two, four, and no legged friends??!! If so, drop me a line - I could use a little inspiration.

I’ve been something of a fatty baker pants lately, going for the easy-to-grab-and-over-consume staples of baked goods, nut butters, dried fruits and entirely too much (yes it’s possible) chocolate. I get that way sometimes when life is busy and I feel stressed, like right now as we’re working on opening a business.  It seems like no matter how many times I do the experiment, I can’t quite learn that a bag of chips and a box of cookies isn’t the long-term, problem solving anxiety fixer that it tells me it is. Liar liar fatty pants on fire.

So now my jeans don’t fit and I have to wear work out pants for any and all (inappropriate) situations. It gives the illusion of fitness and activity (are you going for a jog?) but I couldn’t run to save my life because my belly’s so full it’s pushing my diaphragm up into my chest cavity and hogging all the space where oxygen should go. Stupid space hogging diaphragm. As I type this I’m sitting in fatty pants time out while my friends eat dinner. I spoiled mine with a day of hard core grazing :(

Anyhoo. Progress not perfection, right? When you fall off the self care wagon, you just loosen your waist band and try again. At least that’s what I do. Tonight - reflection. Tomorrow - renewed efforts!

I'll close with a bit of food porn - visions of possibilities and recipes to come. I hope you all are warm, happy, well fed, and full of love. 

- lacey

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  1. Administrative error and I deleted a comment - sorry Rocket!!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh Miss Fatty McFatty Pants. You need to look at the bigger picture here.....like YUR MOM!

      Seriously though, it IS the dead of winter and our bodies are programmed to survive. We survive by fattening up and sleeping. It's normal to pack on a few pounds. It's normal to crave comfort foods. Damn you Melatonin! I'm not saying we get a free pass to Gluttonville, but we don't have to think about jumping out a 4th story window if we fall off the healthy food wagon. So, cut yourself a break and wear your warm-up pants for a week or two. Soon it will be spring and you can get outside and work it off.

      In the meantime, hang on to the knowledge that you're good enough, you're smart enough, and......dog gonnit, PEOPLE LIKE YOU!


  3. LOL! Great post! It's real, raw, [pics of yummy colorful raw foods], honest, and super funny. Love the liar liar fatty pants on fire! And you are so right, if at first you don't succeed... Ok, so where's that bag of Lays potato chips. My favorites are the folded ones. So crunchy and salty and wonderfully oily. Smile.