Monday, May 7, 2012

Energy Bars

Raw Choco Energy Bars

This is basically a bigger, badder, work-out version of the previously posted Choco Date Balls recipe from a few months ago.   It's still raw, versatile, and easy to make, but this time it has the addition of oats and nut butter to help make it a slower burning energy sustainer, rather than a energy spiking sugar bomb.  I've been making these for Shakti and they've been a hit among Montréal climbers.

Feel free to alter ingredients to suit your taste.  I made these using sunflower seed butter, as it's the cheapest nut butter alternative to peanut butter, and we have some friends with peanut allergies.  Almond butter or pecan butter would be nice alternatives.


3 cups oats 
1/2 tsp salt
2 T spices of your choice - I used 1T cinnamon and 1T ginger
2 T coconut oil (optional)

1/2 cup each of:
cocoa powder
dried unsweetened coconut
pumpkin seeds
nut butter

  • Start by soaking the raisins and dates.  Place them together in a small bowl and cover with water, set aside.  For a quick soak (10 minutes) use hot water.  For a planned-in-advance longer soak (2 to 3 hours) just use regular water.
  • Once the raisins and dates softened up and rehydrated, rough grind them in a magic bullet or food processor along with the water they've been soaking in.  They don't have to be super fine, chunky is good enough.
  • Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well with you're hands.  Add more water, nut butter, or oil if they're too dry.  Add more oats if they're too wet.  Don't be afraid, you can't mess these up!  Just keep adding and mixing until you get the flavor and consistency that you want.  They should be just wet enough that they stick together when you squeeze them.
  • Press into a lightly oiled 9X9 pan, or roll into balls.  Refrigerate for an hour or two before serving, or freeze.
  • Enjoy in the mid-afternoon when you need an energy boost!
Raw Choco Vegan Energy Bars


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    1. Would you wear my logo on your butt if I did???

  2. Thank you Lacey! I did them yesthurday and Renaud was licking the bowl!