Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Easy Everyday (Nutritionally sound and Vegan!) Food

Hey folks.  This is just a simple something I thought a couple of you might appreciate.  I love playing in the kitchen and coming up with fun and interesting foods, but on the day to day I strive for simple, fresh, and easy to prepare.  (Notice I used the word "strive," I'm still trying to kick the bread/muffins/peanut butter/you-name-it, habit and am far from perfect at this clean diet thing, but I will not give up!)

Variations on this salad/bowl/dish/what-have-you are what Philippe and I eat almost every day.  The principals are very simple:

  • Include mostly vegetables and herbs, and thrown in a whole grain and/or bean to add bulk.
    • I always cook extra quinoa, millet, wild rice, beans, etc. in order to have some on hand for things like this.
  • Get fancy with your knife skills!  The difference between cabbage chiffonade and cabbage cut into fat, clumsy strips is huge when it comes to how much you enjoy your dish.  The same goes for carrots cut into discs versus julienned.  Use your vegetable peeler or mandoline if you have one, and take your time if you're new to this.  Knife skills are just like anything else; they come with time.  Here's a pretty decent little tutorial on different kinds of cuts.
  • Use ingredients that can stand up to being "dressed" for a day or two in case you don't eat the whole thing at once.  (Basically that just excludes soft leafy greens as they'll wilt and get all slimy, and onions as they'll smell the whole thing up.)

(for this particular day)

Red Cabbage - chiffonade
Asparagus - thin slices on the bias
Yellow and Orange Bell Pepper - thin strips
Carrots - long strips with a vegetable peeler
Cherry and large tomatoes - cut into halves
Curley Parsley - minced
Black Beans
Wild Rice
Basic Vinaigrette - If you're concerned about B12, add some Nutritional Yeast 

Other common options at our house:
Broccoli - (I usually blanch it)
Kale - shredded
Raw Beets - shredded / julienned / peeled with a peeler
Chick Peas
Hemp Seeds

  • Cut everything up all nice and purdy.
  • Put it all into a large tupperware, add dressing, shake, and enjoy a beautiful, vibrant lunch and dinner.

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