Sunday, May 26, 2013

one, two, three...GO!

Alright people, as promised - a week of good, clean, sugar-free livin'. (I've been perfecting a lemon pie recipe over the last three weeks, but promise not to post it until sugar-austerity week is over.)  I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I'm low on time and in need of a bath after yesterday's absurd Spartan race at Morin Heights.  It was good, dirty fun:  glad I did it, won't be needing to do it again.

For a wee bit of background on this week's sugar cleanse, take a look here.

Now here's what I propose:

1.  Tailor this cleanse to meet your needs.

Let this be a chance to deal with something that's been bugging you.  Perhaps you have jam on toast every day for breakfast and it doesn't trigger you, but you can't make it through the afternoon without going apeshit on a box of Thin Mints.  You tell yourself you're not going to eat Thin Mints today, but 4 o'clock rolls around and you're calling the girl scout down the street.  You might feel like keeping your breakfast routine, but cutting out the Thin Mints.

Perhaps you drink sweetened soy milk in your coffee and are at peace with that, but are cursing yourself over the pint of Bunny Tracks® that you must consume before head hits the pillow each night.  By all means, keep the soy milk but cut out the ice-cream.  If a week of ice-cream-free will make you feel like you've done yourself right, then give yourself that gift!

Perhaps after a quick inventory you realize, holy crap I'm eating sugar all friggin day long.  Well m'dear, in your case you might need to 86 the sugar in as many forms as possible.  The point is, do what you need to do for you to feel good in your body, your head.  You needn't follow anyone else's standards.

2.  Write your intention in the "comments" section at the bottom of this post. 

Getting clear about an intention, setting the intention, and then stating the intention to friends or a peer group can be monumentally helpful in overcoming a personal struggle.  Let's use this forum together to do just that.  Be a champ and take one minute out of your busy day to post your intention below. Do it now, before you have second thoughts.  This way, not only are you getting clear with yourself, you're connecting with others who doing something similar, and you're making yourself accountable.

3.   Check back in throughout the week.

I plan to post at least a little something each day this week.  When the spirit moves you, drop a line to say hello and tell us how you're doing.  One day at a time, we'll do this thing together.  Checking in will help you to stay on track if and when succumbing to the momentary pleasure of satisfying a craving seems like a better idea than sticking to your intention.  Transgression has sex appeal that's for sure, but satisfying a craving is far less gratifying than achieving a goal.

Seems simple enough, yes? I'll go first.  This week, May 27 to June 2, I intend to cut out all refined sugars, maple syrup, agave, honey, dates (I really go nuts on dates), chocolate, sweetened plant milk and white flour.  I will still eat fruit and use stevia like a crazy person.  If I find that by cutting these things out, I start abusing something else (like I wake up naked in a pile of sweet-potato skins and stevia-sweetened peanut butter oatmeal) I'll update my list to cut that out too.

Sending all my best to all of you and hope to hear from you soon.  Game on!



  1. Ok, I'm in! I am committing to ADDING no sugar, eliminating sweet treats and logging all my carbs for the week.( I keep telling myself I'm really good in this area...hah! I am totally snowing myself and need to get real.)~thanks for the challenge Lacey!

    1. Welcome aboard Auntie Megs! I'm curious about how you log your carbs - do you log all vegetables, or just the more starchy carbs? It's going to be a great week : )

  2. Hi all, this is what i intend on doing: no adding sugars to food, no dairy, no chips of any kind, less take-out (no unhealthy take-out), less meat, drink more water and tea.

    Hopefully this will jumpstart my way out of my several month-long rut.


    1. Yay Laura! So glad to have you on board :)

  3. Quite late but what I had set out to do and have done pretty well with so far is the basic no chocolate / pastry / candy /ice cream related substances, as those have unfortunately had me in their death grips since i quit smoking six months ago . i feel much better but the next step with definitely be cutting back / cutting out starches in general as i have been drawn to those to replace the sugar deficiency .


    1. Ice cream related substances, I love it : ) I'm so glad you joined! You're not late at all. xx