Friday, May 24, 2013

Sugar Schmugar - Who wants to take a break?

Hey there folks!

Sugar seems to have me by the ovaries these days and I'm thinking about taking a break.  Truth be told, I'm always thinking about taking a break, but I have a damn hard time doing it.  I'll eat like a champ for the whole day - smoothie for breakfast, big salad for lunch, (a few coffees here and there) some kind of something special for dinner.  If I would just quit there I'd be golden.  I'd go to bed as pleased as Punch, smiling sweetly, all ready to sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed.

Instead, 8, 9, or 10 o'clock rolls around and I get overcome by an insane desire to consume everything sugar within a 20 yard radius.  If I don't have anything sweet readily available, by god I'll whip something up.  It could be a peanut butter and honey on a piece of bread, followed by peanut butter and honey on another piece of bread, followed by peanut butter and chocolate chips on another piece of bread, followed by coco krispies.  (How did THOSE get in here?)  The problem is that I don't just do a bowl of ice-cream or a piece (or three) of dark chocolate.  I'll do 1000 calories of god-knows-what right before bed.  Then I either sleep like crap or sleep like the dead and wake up late feeling groggy, fuzzy, inflamed and filled with regret.

The funny part is that I also wake up filled with conviction to change - Not going to do THAT again!  That was the last time.  Today I'll leave out the sugar, FOR REAL.

So I go about my day, doing quite well, and then...return to paragraph two - the cycle continues.  This, friends, I have come to understand as the cycle of addiction, and god knows sugar is addictive.  Recent talks with friends have, once again, assured me that I'm not alone in this.  This is a struggle that a lot of people are dealing with on the daily.

Rather than continue trying to quietly deal with this on my own, I figured I'd put it out there to all of you to see if anyone would be interested in joining me for a week of sugar-free.  If you're not stoked about your level of sugar consumption, or are in the mood for a challenge, how about joining me?  There's strength in numbers and I always find it easier to change a behaviour when I'm being vocal and honest about it.

If you're interested, please leave a comment or shoot me an email.  I'm thinking about starting on Monday, May 27th.  A great way to wrap up May and get ready for the warmer month of June, dontcha think?  For me, this would look like cutting out regular old sugar, as well as maple syrup, honey, dates, agave, chocolate and white flour.  The list could certainly be extended, but these are the ones that get me personally.

I propose that all involved take a personal inventory to see what's the biggest problem for them, and then commit to cutting out whatever-that-is for the week.  I would post a recipe each day, and then we could all check in and/or have discussion in the "comments" section.

Whaddayasay?  Are you interested?  Have any suggestions?  I'm totally open to feedback and suggestions, I'm just throwing this out there.   I wish you all a lovely Friday and hope to hear from you!



  1. i'm all in. i swallowed a nestle ice cream cone whole (packaging and all) last week after dinner while my wife was busy working to support us. i loathe nestle. my sugar-need's cutting into my principles, bending my concentration, disturbing my sleep, deadening my taste buds, making me cranky........

    I can't imagine my life without chocolate ice cream, so i'm in. let's see what happens.

  2. Hey lovely lady! I was surfing Facebook (for the first time in a Long time) and found my way here. Love the blog! And good timing too. I definitely need a sugar break and would love to join you! I started a cleanse last month... only ate vegetables for a week and then started to add in other other foods. But the past two weeks I've been slipping and eating lots of sweets at family functions. So you've inspired me to get back on track! Keep up the great work!

    1. Megan! Wonderful to hear from you! So glad you found the blog and that it tickles your fancy :) I'd be very curious to hear more about your week of vegetables. Did you feel good? Have enough energy? Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello, I send you lots of love.

    2. No, I did not have enough energy by the end of the week! But that was likely due to poor meal planning on my part. I'm sure with your recipes it would be much more doable. But I think just a few days of a veggie cleanse is enough to jumpstart a detox plan. A whole week is pushing it! Once I added in a few grains, nuts, and some other carbs I felt great. One good thing about a week of only veggies was that it made me realize how much I tend to overeat and that I can get by with much less!

    3. OK. I've given it a lot of thought and I'm with ya! May 27th! Just TRY and stop me!